#1 on Google – Search Engine Optimization

The internet business is full of buzzwords. Words like “targeted traffic” and “search engine optimization” and “affiliate income.” Many of them have a lot to do with the internet search engines, because after all if you can figure out how they operate than you have 90% of the game figured out.

Basically if you are selling something then you need buyers, and the portal that the buyers come to your sales page through is almost without exception the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo….). The higher your site’s search rankings for a given search phrase, the more people will come to your site and the more sales you will make. Easy, right? Buyer types “boat” in Google and the first link that appears is the link to your Marina Sales Office webpage. Unfortunately, there are likely 178 million other great answers to “boat” that Google can choose and odds are that your site is not in that top ten.

We are going to pretend for a minute here. Pretend that most websites are on a level playing field, they are not, as far as desirability for the customer, it really is the search rankings that separate those who have to work another job because they are barely making enough to pay for lunch, and those who work very little and own several houses that they rotate through on a month to month basis. It’s simple math really, the higher the rank the more customers, the more customers the more sales, the more sales the greater the profits, the greater the profits.

So how do you achieve these valuable high search rankings? A great question and one that doesn’t really have a good answer because no one really knows exactly how. (But oh, there is a LOT of “snake oil” out there and promises from companies that will take your money and drop your site down the well of “banned” and “delisted” sites.) Why is that? Well, thats because the search engines don’t post a month-to-month bulletin detailing the criteria they are using to grade topic relevancy. Why not? If they did someone would exploit the system so that they could get preferred high rankings (and therefore more traffic) even if their relevancy sucks and does not apply to the search. It’s been proven that at that point, quality of the search engine drops. Well don’t people try and trick the engines anyway? Of course it does it is constant escalating war and the search engine engineers are getting real good at spotting fakers.

There are many different ligitimate ways that we can help you promote your site to the search engines in such a way as to get good search rankings. A lot of it has to do with keyword research, and diversity of page forms, amount of information, and the amount of information on related topics, and the number of links that the page has, and on and on. This is valuable knowledge and the guys that have it are willing to give it and the tools that they have made to automate these procedures away for a price. Let me tell you if you haven’t been doing this for the last 10 years than you have no choice but to bite the bullet and purchase your knowledge. I will also tell you though that when you finally start to get it and understand the potential for income generation that you have you will be so glad you threw the cash down.

A recent example, we suggested a few changes and other techniques for Backroads Photography at and she instantly shot up to the top of the page. Next day, her phone starting ringing with requests for new business.

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